Developer Update 06.13.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

This coming weekend the Guide Team will be hosting a special event: the Founders' Costume Festival. This event will require some preparation on the side of Xsyon players, so if you are interested in participating, please read the details posted on the forums.

I also am grateful to announce a voice chat using Discord hosted by one of our players, Pwnuts. Details are posted in this new thread where I will keep a current list of player hosted voice servers.

The Test Server has been further updated and I am seeking feedback. Please join in the various feedback sessions:

Optimizations - The current Test Server code has been heavily optimized and restructured. I am looking for general feedback on performance and any possible issues that may have been inadvertently been caused by these changes.

Frame Rate Tests - The Test Server build contains various options for testing potential changes to see if or how they affect frame rate. We have been running specific tests as described in the feedback thread and comparing resulting data.

Bug Fixes - Many bugs and minor issues have been fixed over the past few months. The full list of improvements is posted in the feedback thread.

All players are welcome to join in these testing and feedback sessions. Thanks!
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