Developer Update 07.08.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I am currently setting up the next round of events with the Guide Team. Events will resume next weekend (July 16th) and will run every weekend with additional weekday events through the end of summer. I will post more information on Monday.

I am still running tests on the current Test Server build which focuses on optimizations. The following test sessions are still open and I would appreciate your feedback!

Optimization Feedback
Bug Fix Feedback
Frame Rate Tests

Also, as some of you know I was injured back in March and have been recovering slowly.

During this time I've worked on a lot of optimizations as well as upcoming features. I decided not to patch the live servers until I've recovered in case I need to sit at the computer for extended times (as I usually do!). I'm nearly back to normal and plan to start patching updates as soon as possible.

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